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Former Hillary Clinton aides have blasted Sen. Bernie Sanders for everything from his policy record to his campaign kickoff speech to the composition of his small-dollar donors. | Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

This past week, the South Carolina Democratic debate unfolded. To put in simple terms, it was an utter disaster. At the start of the Democratic primaries, the debates were more civil and candidates did not attack each other. Granted, there were still attacks (Rep. Gabbard vs Senator Harris), but they were not extreme. Simply put, the debate was chaotic; Warren slamming Bloomberg, Biden trying to utter a sentence, and Sander’s defending his statement on Cuba. First, Warren attacking Bloomberg seemed unnecessary and did not help her campaign at all. Bloomberg is polling around 3rd according to the Real Clear Politics national polling data. If Warren wants to see a boost in her polls, she should attack Sanders or Biden more frequently so their voters can go to her. Also, there is a rumor circulating the internet that Warren is shooting for the VP ticket for whoever the nominee is, but, then again, that’s just speculation. Secondly, Biden had a beneficial night, but he still stumbled and barely articulated his points. Third, Sander’s defense of Cuba can be proved damaging to his campaign. Seeing that his self-description of being a “Democratic Socialist” has concerned many Americans, he may be a weak candidate in a general election.

The South Carolina primaries took place last Saturday. Joe Biden swept the primary with 48.8 percent of the vote and 35 delegates. Trailing behind him was Bernie Sanders with 19.9 percent and 13 delegates. Since then, Billionaire Tom Steyer and Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg have dropped from the race. Senator Klobuchar, Senator Warren, and Representative Gabbard should drop as well since they do not have a clear path to the nomination. That being the case, the entire democratic primaries lie within Super Tuesday. Bloomberg, who has invested millions of dollars in his campaign, will have to win the majority of the delegates on Super Tuesday to have a shot at the nomination. If not, the election comes down to Sanders and Biden. The battle between Biden and Sanders will truly test the current state of the party. While I do not endorse Biden or his campaign, the nation will be in a better state if Biden becomes the nominee. While Trump will most likely win regardless of the eventual Democratic nominee, the Democratic party will still retain a sense of unity if they do not elect a socialist. Even though Biden is a weak candidate and horrible orator, he is likely to unify the party more than any other candidate. This is perfectly exemplified by Washington Democrats favoring Biden because of his connection with President Obama and being a Senior Senator. Also, Biden has recently secured the endorsement of many well-known politicians like Senator Tim Kaine and Diane Feinstein. The one person that can secure the nomination for Biden is Obama, but Obama has not suggested he will endorse Biden in the primaries.

If Sanders becomes the nominee, the Democratic base would dramatically change. With a collection of millennials, animal rights activists, feminists, and revolutionists, he will usher in a new radical political movement. One consisting of Medicare for All, free college, raising the minimum wage, and an influx of taxes. Some political pundits claim he will not pass anything through Congress because of his radicalism. However, that is assuming Congress does not experience a blue wave in the midterm elections. Trump drastically shifting the Republican base can prove to be a fatal blow when Republicans are up for re-election. Also, Americans should not rely on radicalism to be a constraint of a bill passing. Bills are often voted in partisan affirmation to secure re-election.

The reason I believe Biden will be a better nominee then Sanders is because he appears politically moderate, has the most name recognition, and does not deepen the political divide as much as Sanders. If the key interest of the Democrats is the beat Trump, they should place their bets on Biden and not Sanders. While Sanders is old, he is influencing a new generation of Democrats. People like Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar (both have endorsed Sanders) are now the new face of the party. If the Democrats want to hold on to the legacy of President John F. Kennedy and Lydon B. Johnson, they must remain consistent with their beliefs.

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.


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