By Ethan Kim

Videos are the best way to get a message across. While still photos can reinforce emotions, videos allow the observer to experience a new realm of perspectives. Video journalism allows us to explore and spread multiple viewpoints even if we disagree with them. It provides an inside look into various discoveries or important aspects within our society. 

From interviewing the lead JPL engineer of the Mare Perseverance Rover's Landing System to interviewing the LCF mayor, we have been able to inform audiences on impactful occurrences that affected numerous people. During a local school board election, we were able to tell our audiences the specific policies of each candidate to encourage an informed vote within our community. With those interviews, we were also able to make a conclusive endorsement in that election. 

In a sense, videos provide a unique look into current events from everything from the miniscule to the monumental. It is a tool to touch the minds of millions and spark greater creativity in those who are passionate in cinematography. Our videos section, run by our director of cinematography, showcases a library of our past interviews. 

An Inside Look Into the Mars Perseverance Rover 

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