The Outspoken Oppa

Fighting for a Unified Nation

When I was around seven years old, I went with my family to sightsee the Statue of Liberty in New York. As soon as the boat docked, I leaped off with extreme exuberance. I had read and seen pictures of the glorious statue, but to see it in person was a different experience. I stood at the bottom of the 305-foot masterpiece of sculpture and looked upon the luminescent golden torch. My father leaned down and told me the story of how he had immigrated from the impoverished state of South Korea to America. He said that thousands of immigrants across the world see this statue as a symbol of liberty.

As a result of visiting that national treasure, I experienced a growing sense of pride for my nation. To my parents, America was seen as their escape from poverty. America was and still is the land of freedom and opportunity not just for its citizens, but for the whole world. However, I feel that the patriotism that was once felt by the vast majority has slowly started to diminish.

Therefore, I created a platform in January 2019. For alliteration and a Korean inside joke, I named it Outspoken Oppa. I, along with five other editors, write our own opinions on politics, philosophy, and current events. Within a time of political disarray, having a voice is crucial. Utilizing that voice brings us one step closer to a better world. We have the power to stand up against corruption and greed. We have the power to protest against an unjust government. We have the power to construct a life that is filled with civility and prosperity. So I implore you, join the discussion and become informed. I created the website so everyone has a voice. Be the voice that shapes the world into a haven of magnanimity and benevolence. Be the voice that embraces bipartisanship and the American way.

Remember, let’s be polite;

“The Bill of Rights is the most fundamental and imperative aspect of the Constitution. These intrinsic liberties separate a constitutional republic from a tyrannical usurpation. If these rights are infringed upon, there will be voices of righteous indignation reminding the American government they are of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

-Ethan Kim, Executive Editor and Lead Politics Columnist

Let’s be respectful,

“A man of honor seeks only tranquility. His conscience dictating him on keeping his word, protecting the weak, and staying true to his country. His desire for justice burns through his soul with a ferocity like none other. For he is the martial lord of loyalty, and the sovereign of peace; the prince of liberty and the protector of our posterity.”

-Charlie Park, Deputy Editor and Lead Philosophy Columnist

But most of all,

“While having a dream and working towards is fine, dreams should work to support and bring up society as a whole, not bring it down. It is through this collective action of everyone that society becomes better. Society should encourage people to serve and help others, not to be self-reliant and put the individual over all others.”

-Noah Chun, Editor-at-large and Lead Entertainment Columnist.

Let’s be outspoken.

“The young men that were drafted in the military at the age of 18 made the ultimate sacrifice when they sprinted across the sands of Omaha beach. They died with honor, courage, and valor. We honor their legacy by molding America into the country of established freedom. We commemorate the fallen.”


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The founders of the Outspoken Oppa are also the founders of the La Cañada Charity. Every year on August 4th, we set up organized charities in Memorial park. We collect donations consisting of food, clothes, and toys. We believe in a world where every child has the opportunity to be lifted from poverty. Our mission is to provide the absolute necessities to the rising generation. We do that, by organizing charities annually across the city. We believe anyone has the capacity to revolutionize technology, pioneer science, and lead the nation. In 2018, we were able to collect 150 donations. In the 2019 charity, we obtained 1,200 donations meaning we had eight times more donations than the proceeding year. Our staff tripled over a year and we were able to reach a larger demographic. Join us in 2020 to help the homeless. Hope to see you then.