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  • Read Our Writing Staff's Insight on the Results of the 2020 Election.

    Mason Pirkey 17 Nov 2020
  • With the removal of the Republican president comes the question: what is the future of the Republican party, and will there be a return to a typical Washington conservative Republican, like Senator McCain?

    Ethan Kim 10 Nov 2020
  • The world is anxiously watching for your first move, Mr. President-elect.

    Ethan Kim 7 Nov 2020
  • During election day, 14 Outspoken Oppa polls asking 14 questions opened on various social media platforms for 24 hours, estimating the political viewpoint of nearly 160 La Cañada students. All of them asked questions on pressing social issues, foreign relations, and the character of both candidates.

    Ethan Kim 4 Nov 2020
  • Voicing your political perception within this election unleashes a power some citizens in the world cannot even begin to imagine. The right to vote in the country has been a hallmark of our democratic institutions, and the road to secure that right for all Americans has been a grueling and lengthy endeavor.

    Ethan Kim 31 Oct 2020

The Outspoken Oppa

The Best Among Us

Veteran's day is humbling, a time where we acknowledge that the accomplishments we achieve and the advancement that we work towards can be credited to the men and women in uniform.