Downtown Los Angeles

Maddy Tea, Photographer

Photography that captures politics is important for society. It can be evidence in a criminal case, pictures of a historic march, or a shot of a new President.

Downtown Los Angeles

Maddy Tea, Photographer

Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles, March 2019

Christian Schmidt, Lead Photographer

La Cañada, March 2020

The Outspoken Oppa team interviewing JPL scientist Peter Kalmus.

Luke Kim, Director of Cinematography

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The founders of the Outspoken Oppa are also the founders of the La Cañada Charity. Every year on August 4th, we set up organized charities in Memorial park. We collect donations consisting of food, clothes, and toys. We believe in a world where every child has the opportunity to be lifted from poverty. Our mission is to provide the absolute necessities to the rising generation. We do that, by organizing charities annually across the city. We believe anyone has the capacity to revolutionize technology, pioneer science, and lead the nation. In 2018, we were able to collect 150 donations. In the 2019 charity, we obtained 1,200 donations meaning we had eight times more donations than the proceeding year. Our staff tripled over a year and we were able to reach a larger demographic. Join us in 2020 to help the homeless. Hope to see you then.