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Our Team’s Best Quotes

“The mark of a political partisan is the inability to even consider the validity of opposing arguments. The national political debate cannot thrive if we constantly believe in the arrogant notion that one political party is pure and the other is eternally damned. This nation will not advance if both parties are secluded to their echo chambers and institutions. This established political divide, advanced by profiteering media, is corroding this nation, perverting once-bipartisan resolutions. To further evade such a divide, the American people have to recognize that logical debate, not irrational sound-bytes, is the key to representing all our needs. Only when we recognize the humanity and individual morality of our political opponents can we use politics for societal excellence.”

“The political ideologies and philosophies of Locke and Mill that once defined our Constitution and government seem to be lost on the American voter. Every four years, we increasingly determine our president based on their demeanor or personality rather than their policies or actual leadership. Does the common American citizen actually know what principles influence the American idea of republicanism or do they reduce the presidential election to a trivial popularity contest? The answer to that question will certainly indicate this nation’s direction.”

-Ethan Kim, Former Executive Editor

A strict adherence, however, can be dismissive of the most important virtues in government, which are adaptability and balance. To be able to reform oneself, allows that entity to survive in an ever-changing environment where all things have a beginning and an end, a reason to exist, and are different from one another. This trinity of complexity and differences allows us to recognize the substantial qualms that benefit our ever more complex society. A balance can ensure equal understanding among the political groups which dominates the landscape.

Charlie Park, Former Deputy Editor

“After the Fukushima Nuclear accident in 2011, radiation spread around the area of the reactor and has still yet to be cleaned up as of December of 2019. Working around radioactive waste such as that found around the nuclear reactor will inevitably cause cancer. When some older people in Japan heard about this, they volunteered to clean the waste up because their dream was to hand down a world that was just a little bit cleaner to the next generation. The dream of those small groups of people perfectly exemplifies a dream worth having.”

-Noah Chun, Former Editor-at-large

“Whether you’re sad, a mess, or hit rock bottom- keep moving forward and keep smiling. Remember that the light can reach even the bottom of a dark ocean, and you will find that your smile will guide you towards the light once more.”

-Edwin Tieu, Former Managing Editor

Don’t do something because other people expect you to. Do it for yourself. Do it because it’s rewarding. Do it because it’s something you want to do.”

-Mason Pirkey, Former Head of View Growth

Remember, let’s be polite

“The Bill of Rights is the most fundamental and imperative aspect of the Constitution. These intrinsic liberties separate a constitutional republic from a tyrannical usurpation. If these rights are infringed upon, there will be voices of righteous indignation reminding the American government they are of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

-Ethan Kim, Executive Editor

Let’s be respectful

“A man of honor seeks only tranquility. His conscience dictating him on keeping his word, protecting the weak, and staying true to his country. His desire for justice burns through his soul with a ferocity like none other. For he is the martial lord of loyalty, and the sovereign of peace; the prince of liberty and the protector of our posterity.”

-Charlie Park, Deputy Editor

But most of all

“While having a dream and working towards is fine, dreams should work to support and bring up society as a whole, not bring it down. It is through this collective action of everyone that society becomes better. Society should encourage people to serve and help others, not to be self-reliant and put the individual over all others.”

-Noah Chun, Editor-at-large

Let’s be outspoken

“The young men that were drafted in the military at the age of 18 made the ultimate sacrifice when they sprinted across the sands of Omaha beach. They died with honor, courage, and valor. We honor their legacy by molding America into the country of established freedom. We commemorate the fallen.”


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