In our fast changing world, we may feel our voice being suppressed. Whether that suppression is coming from friends, family, or society; one can begin to feel isolated and ostracized. Therefore, I created this column to focus on giving the common man a voice. Because having every voice heard is essential in the fight against catastrophic events such as climate change. Anybody who wants their voice to be heard can send a rough draft to outspokenoppa1@gmail.com. When you send it, please attach some sort of contact information such as an email or phone number. Also, please refrain from inappropriate content or profanity. Furthermore, please note that your opinion will be published on a public domain anonymously or (per one’s request) with your name attached. Please consider this before sending a rough draft.

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful; but most of all, let’s be outspoken. 

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