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Posts published by “Ethan Kim”

Ethan is a senior currently enrolled in La Cañada High School. As the Executive Editor of his own website called the Outspoken Oppa, he writes editorials on the status quo. During the summer, he organizes his co-founded La Cañada Charity to aid those in poverty. He also writes for the LC Spartan and HS Insider. He is interested in politics, journalism, photography, and government.

Launching the 2019 Charity

Join me, on August 4th, so we can give people in great despair the second chance needed to lift themselves and become better human beings. Every life has the potential to be something truly inspiring, let’s make it happen.

Why I Write

My 2,000th view is around the corner, and I thought it would be appropriate to explain why I do what I do. People usually ask me why I created this platform and I usually say, “It’s a hobby” or “It gives me something to do.” However, I believe it’s something deeper than that.

Are Memories the Crux of Our Being?

I’m ending tenth grade now. Although it supposed to be another mere step towards college, it feels more like a splash of reality. It allows me to look back and contemplate the flaws and discrepancies of the past. It makes me smile to reminisce upon the joyful times and cringe at the drastically embarrassing ones.