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Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

In recent news, there have been two mass shootings in America. In accordance with police reports and local news, over thirty people were killed and at least twenty-seven were injured in El Paso. In Ohio, nine people were also murdered. As a nation, we mourn the victims of this horrible act of violence. If there is one thing that can be agreed by both political sides, is that this needs to stop.

Within this article, I will be discussing the motives of the shooter, what we must do to prevent this from happening, and why we must stand united.

The Shooter

In El Paso, the gunman opened fire at a Walmart. When authorities arrived on the scene, it was concluded the attack was racially motivated. According to the New York Times, the manifesto of the shooter states, “If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can be more sustainable.” Because this was racially motivated, people are linking Donald Trump to the shootings because of his immigration rhetoric.

In Ohio, the shooter was wearing body armor and ear protection. According to the Washington Post, he fired an AR-15 at a local street for thirty seconds. He was shot immediately by local law enforcement. Later, it was discovered that the Ohio shooter’s manifest describes that he was a socialist and a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. Since the victims were of different backgrounds, it was not determined that this was an act of hate.

What to do

Stop the blaming.

To be more specific, the media should stop placing blame on people who don’t deserve the blame. For example, Donald Trump has been targeted by multiple news outlets. CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times have all released articles saying that the shootings were in connection with Donald Trump. They claimed that his rhetoric influenced the shooter’s actions. However, I find this to be misleading, or at the very least, inconsistent. Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker came out and said that Donald Trump is a white nationalist and is responsible for the attack. However, I fail to see the evidence for this. One of my editors, 86, wrote a whole section in his article “The Trump Presidency” saying why he is not racist. Also, unless Trump physically called for the mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart, he doesn’t hold any responsibility. The argument that he is influencing the shooters is a bit of a stretch. If one is going to say that he influenced white supremacy, then they must back it with evidence.

Also, as stated before, the Ohio shooter claimed he was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and socialism. However, that does not mean Warren is responsible for the attack. She does not hold any responsibility because she did not call for the shooting in Ohio and thus did not commit incitement. The same news outlets that attacked Trump are the same ones that did not mention Warren was in the Ohio shooter’s manifesto.

Another thing the media needs to stop is publicly releasing the names of the shooters. Kyle Kashuv tweeted

He is completely right when he says this. Psychologically speaking, most shooters undergo extreme stressors in life and one of the biggest motives for shooting schools is attention. In New Zealand, they stopped releasing the names and information of the shooter within their country. This was done to prevent copycats and potential mass shootings. I believe this is another concept we must practice in order to fight mass shootings. Instead of publicizing the names of the shooters, publicize the names of the heroes so people can be inspired to do those acts of heroism.

Gun Control

The biggest thing that is being pushed right now is gun control. Gun control is really a broad term because there are so many concepts that fit under this term. I have already stated my stance on gun control in a previous article, but I am going to expand upon it.

In the press conference after the El Paso shooting, Trump said, “People kill people, not guns.” He expanded his argument by saying that guns are not the problem but it is people’s behavior. Which I find to be true. Guns are neutral. Guns can be used to carry out evil or acts of benevolence. It all depends on who pulls that trigger.

However, I do believe that gun reform should still be on the table. There should be stricter gun regulations and background checks. Also, armed guards and tighter security are vital in protecting schools and public spaces. Furthermore, I believe that there needs to be more of an extensive process in getting guns and that mental screenings need to be established.

But, I believe a federal buyback system is a waste of time. There are more assault rifles in the nation then there are people according to the Pew Research data. The collection of assault rifles would be improbable and inefficient. According to a census, there have been over 249 shootings in 2019 and the majority of them are carried out by handguns. Therefore, banning assault rifles is not the answer.

United We Stand

Today we mourn. Tomorrow we move on. Today, America looks upon these two acts of terror with shame and wrath. Today, we set memorials and pray in solace so that one-day evil shall receive their just reward. Today, we set flowers on the gravestones plastered with the names of the beloved fallen.

Tomorrow, we fight. If there is one thing that America is known for, it’s the people’s tenacity and perseverance. Throughout history, America has encountered thousands of obstacles on the road to peace and prosperity.

These mass shootings must be seen as an opportunity. So we know that victims of these shootings did not die in vain. We honor their memory by fighting against these horrific incidents. We must implement laws and regulations. We must create a culture based on the bedrock of morality. America does not back down from fear and hatred because when tragedy hits, the people have one message surging in their mind

United We Stand

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

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