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Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

I am pro-life and believe abortion is unethical.

Whether one is pro-life or choice, they have to realize that the debate revolves around if the fetus within the woman’s womb is a life or not. If the fetus is proven to be a life, then abortion would be murder. If it is not a life, then abortion would not be murder. Also, a woman has a choice to do whatever she wants with her body. However, a woman does not have a choice to dictate what other people should do with their bodies.

First off, life begins at conception. From the beginning of the pregnancy to the end of the third trimester is the development of a human child. If one were to challenge this notion, then it would be incumbent upon them to specify the starting point of life.

A chart of fetal development

By day 22, the fetus’s heart is pumping his/her own blood. By the end of week three, the child’s nervous system, backbone, liver, kidneys, and intestines begin to form.

By week 4, the child is ten thousand times larger than the fertilized egg. By week 5, eyes, legs, and hands begin to form. By week 6, brain waves are detectable and fingernails are forming. This is usually when a mother realizes she is pregnant.

By week 7, eyelids, toes, and nose begins to form. By week 8, the child gains hearing. By week 11, teeth and fingernails form. By week 12, the child has a functioning skeletal, circulation, and nervous system. The child is fully sentient and can suck his/her thumb. This is all within the first trimester.

According to Princeton, through extensive research and studies, life begins at conception. The article has a variety of educated medical doctorates quoting their thesis. The link is

There are four types of methods to abort a fetus.

The first method is within the first three months of pregnancy. It is called suction aspiration. It starts by plunging a tube with an edge tip in the womb. Suction is then used to tear apart the fetus and suck the remaining pieces out of the womb.

The second method is dilation and curettage. This is the use of a curette to chop up the fetus inside the womb and scape the remaining pieces.

The third method is dilation and evacuation. This is the use of forceps to crush the fetus’ brain and spine.

The last method is partial-birth abortion. Ultrasound and forceps are used to find the fetus’ legs. Then the legs are pulled through the birth canal to deliver the whole fetus except for the head. Then the skull is stabbed with scissors to insert a suction to suck out the brains.

One of the key issues of abortion lies within Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenist, first created Planned Parenthood and began practicing abortions in the 70s. She later died because of congestive heart failure. According to Planned Parenthood, they have aborted over 56 million fetuses since Roe v. Wade in 1973. They are the most prevalent abortion clinic in the nation.

The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it. -Margaret Sanger

There have been numerous scandals reported throughout their history. For example, Planned Parenthood was accused of harvesting and selling organs. After it became public, the organization’s president quickly denied the allegation. However, a secretly taped two-hour long video shows abortion doctors talking about the process of using partial-birth abortions to sell baby organs. The link is:

Now, the most valid pro-choice argument is “The woman might die from giving birth and an abortion would save them.” This may die because the woman has chronic back pain or cancer. This is the most valid argument because it forces the person to ask whether they should save the baby or the women in this dilemma.

Statistically speaking, according to the Department of Public Health, 0.5 percent of all abortions are done for medical reasons. In those improbable times, women need the most medical attention in order to make sure both lives are saved. If the baby dies in the process to save the mother, it is because of the limits of modern technology and medicine.

From a political standpoint, governments should enact legislation to meet the majority and not the minority. That does not mean improbable cases should be disregarded, but treated at a different level than of the majority.

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.


The founders of the Outspoken Oppa are also the founders of the La Cañada Charity. Every year on August 4th, we set up organized charities in Memorial park. We collect donations consisting of food, clothes, and toys. We believe in a world where every child has the opportunity to be lifted from poverty. Our mission is to provide the absolute necessities to the rising generation. We do that, by organizing charities annually across the city. We believe anyone has the capacity to revolutionize technology, pioneer science, and lead the nation. In 2018, we were able to collect 150 donations. In the 2019 charity, we obtained 1,200 donations meaning we had eight times more donations than the proceeding year. Our staff tripled over a year and we were able to reach a larger demographic. Join us in 2020 to help the homeless. Hope to see you then.

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